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Breast Feeding Accessories (26)

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Breast Feeding Accessories stocks a wide selection of breast feeding accessories across many brands, we hold accessories for the medela breastfeeding range that including items like the personal fit breast shield that can be purchased in different sizes to best accommodate a breastfeeding mum while using a breast pump to express, Nipple Shield that Offers relief from sore and cracked nipples and can also help with latch on difficulties, we also stock replacement valves and membranes for the medela breast pumps should any of the pumps need replacements,  breastmilk storage bags from medela and dr browns that can help Mum store any excess breast milk that can be frozen and used at a later date and doesn’t let any precious breast milk go to waste, other accessories would include simplisse and thermobaby disposable breast pads of the simplisse . also stocks a range of nursing covers from the bebe Au lait range in a variety of colours to give Mum and baby more privacy when breastfeeding in public. And a full range of the belly bandit clothing range that covers pre and post pregnancy needs from bump supports to breast feeding bras and nursing dresses