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Sterilisers (9)


babyaccessories.ie Offers a wide range of sterilization options for baby bottles and accessories. We stock Electric sterilisers from brands such as Avent, Dr browns and nuk. And microwave sterilisers from Dr browns and Nuk the AVENT 2 in 1 steriliser ,the Dr Browns deluxe sterilizer and the nuk Vario Express steriliser all plug into the wall for use and heat the water to steam clean the bottles and accessories killing any harmful bacteria, the microwave sterilisers from Dr browns and nuk use the microwave to heat the water for sterilising the bottles and accessories, all sterilisers can hold between four to six bottles and accessories and can take between five to eight minutes to complete a full cleaning cycle, you do not have to use the same brand bottles as the steriliser, babyaccessories.ie also stock sterilising bags from Brands such as medela and Dr Browns, these sterilising bags can be extremely handy for a mum who is breastfeeding and doesn't have much equipment that needs sterilising of for use on family trips and holidays where its not possible to bring the steriliser, its important to sterilise all equipment that baby may put into their mouths for the first year as it will kill any bacteria that may be harmful to baby and may upset tummies

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