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Bathtime (3)


Sometimes the most challenging activity in dealing with a tiny newborn is the bathing experience. Throughout the Baby Bathtime section you will find everything you need to make an initially tricky activity become second nature for both Newborn and parent alike. Quite often the bathtime trigger can be the arrival of a dirty nappy that may have exploded beyond the acceptable boundaries. The starting point in dealing with such an atomic event is having a wipe clean Changing mat to place junior on while you begin to survey the damage. One can have an independent changing mat which can be move from room to room or upstairs/downstairs quite easily or you could invest in a changing unit that can have your changing mat mounted at a standing vantage point along with storing all the essential tools in dealing with atomic bomb like incidents. While a pack of baby wipes can tackle the majority of over spills those ones that are far reaching up the back will inevitably need a quick dip in the bath to finish the job. Where Baby Bath's are concerned no more than any category of Baby Equipment there is no scarcity of choice. There are the Shnuggle Bath type's which are neat, supportive and have adequate slip prevention mechanisms in place or you can go for a longer bath option which can arguably last longer but will need the insertion of a suitable bath support from birth. With a wet wriggly baby coming out of any bath a baby bath robe or hooded bath towel is essential. The Clevamama Splash and Wrap Bath towel has the added functionality of an apron which quickly can wrap slippy baby up cozy and safe straight out of the bath. As baby becomes more interactive during bath time there are an array of fun and colourful bath toys available to entertain and distract. Post bath time there are always a few maintenance jobs to be carried out and baby's nails fall into this category. There are the usual options of Baby Nail scissors which have rounded ends or a Baby clippers the best of which would have to be the Nipper Clipper which has a little window allowing you to view the little finger & nail as you clip.


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