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Baby Changing Unit (9)

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Baby Changing Unit

A Baby changing Unit can take several guises from the more plastic type baby changing station to a wooden shelved dresser type and onto the more furniture type dresser changer with drawers. The more standardized plastic units are generally equipped with a high sided changing mat, 2 levels of shelf storage underneath and a bath concealed under the changing top mat. These are essentially targeting the intensive first year of changing and bathing ensuring everything is in the one spot while being easy to mobilize around kitchen/living area as most are on wheels. A wooden shelved baby changing unit generally carries out the same functions as above except without a baby bath. The main benefit of the wooden units is their ability to blend a little better in with furniture while the wooden frame offers a slightly more solid feel. The wooden changing units generally have the ability also to be used as a Dresser unit for storage after its term as a changing station, the changing mat can be easily removed to leave a clear table surface. Lastly Dresser/Changers with drawers are mostly purchased to co-ordinate with your bedroom furniture and many can be purchased as part of a 3 piece furniture set. Again the majority have a fixed changing top to accommodate a changing mat, on some of these changing units the complete changing top can be removed to leave a clear flat dressing table top when finished as a changer. Their greatest functionality is closed storage facilitated by 3 or 4 drawers which can be used well beyond the baby and toddler years.