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Baby Bibs (3)

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Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are an essential accessory in the early years, whether it is during bottle or breast feeding, catching dribbles and drool during teething, keeping tops and sweatshirts clean while eating......the list goes on.  Baby Bibs can come in all shapes and sizes with various forms of attachment. Bandana Bibs are probably the most recent addition to bib styling, a cowboy like scarf which has extra absorbancy for soaking drinks and dribbles. The original and the best plastic (now PEVA) backed bibs are still popular, the backing ensuring nothing soaks through to clothing keeping baby dry. Crumb Catcher bibs are bibs which have a little pouch on the front to prevent all the nibbles escaping. Many of the current Crumb Catcher bibs are made from a soft silicone material which leaves them easy to wipe clean. The Feeder type bibs are those which cover most of the babies chest and some even can come with sleeves. Sometimes these feeder bibs can come in handy for activities like painting or "make and do", and again some are made from PVA for extra protection and easy clean.