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Toilet Training (4)

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Toilet Training

Toilet Training is an adventure that every parent embarks on with their little one, some begin their journey quite early while others take off when they are fine and ready. The main trigger for Toilet training tends to be the intrigue at which Mummy and/or Daddy execute the toileting process and the desire to level with them on at least one adult practice. Quite obviously the toilet bowl is a big jump for even the highest aspiring toddler however there are interim steps which can be taken to reach the holy grail. Generally, a Potty is always a good starting point keeping the whole process at ground level. Once confidence and proficiency are built upon then a step stool to elevate to the toilet seat and a Toilet Trainer to downsize the toilet seat for smaller posteriors is the next stage. Alternatively, you can also purchase a 3in1 Potty system which is a Potty initially, then the potty seat detaches as a toilet trainer and the base turns upside down as a step stool. Along with the bathroom hardware required generally like the computer business some software is also needed for processing. Toilet training pants can be a useful tool for protecting clothing until toilet training progresses sufficiently. Mattress protectors are also vital throughout the training period especially as nappies are substituted for Big Boy/Girl pants and pull ups. What ever your Toilet Training requirements are we have it all here at Kool Kidz. As said earlier every child will embark on their journey when fine and ready but also every child will have their own format in terms of equipment needs and the timetable of progression on their little journey.