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Kool Kidz Top Tips For Group0 Car Seats

  • Always install your Infant Group0 Car Seat in rearward facing position.
  • Always install your car seat in the back seat, where situations arise (commercial vehicles) that front seat is necessary ensure front airbags are switched off.
  • Keep your child rearward facing for the longest period possible or until their eye line reaches the top of the Group0 seat.
  • Do not worry about leg length or comfort thereof, babies are flexible beings and their back neck and spinal support is of much greater consideration.
  • Always choose the least bulky jacket for wearing in the seat and tension the straps to within a two finger space from the chest.
  • Remove the elevation wedge from the seat about the 3-4months stage to increase seat depth and around  6 months the head hugger removal should free up needed internal space.
  • If the carry handle of your seat is not used as part of the installation leave it in the carry position acting as a buffer should any object become a flight hazard in the event of an accident.
  • Never use a seat that has being involved in an accident or a seat that you are not accurately aware of its previous history.
  • Where you are not installing your seat with an isofix base, ensure the car seat is belted correctly with lap belt across the foot area and diagonal belt around the back of the seat with the belt tensioned adequately.
  • A maximum of 2 hours travel/usage time in the car seat is advisable, at this point take a break or transfer out of the car to a lie flat carrycot.
  • • If you are in any doubt about your car seat installation consult your local independent car seat specialist to answer your questions  or  allay your concerns.