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Stair Gates (4)

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Stair Gates

Here at Kool Kidz we stock a broad selection of stair gates from key safety brands like Babydan, Clippasafe, Lascal and Safety 1st. Throughout out range of gates they predominantly fall into a few main categories. A pressure fit gate is a gate you do not need to screw into your wall or stairs. Many occupants of rental houses are reluctant to mark the walls or stairs and opt for a pressure fit gate. A fixed gate on the other hand requires it to be screwed to wall and stairs, the main advantage of a fixed gate is when the gate is opened no bar remains across the bottom causing any trip hazard. This is especially relevant at the top of the stairs where the dangers of tripping are greater. Room barriers form another category and they are mainly for wider spaces. The babydan range comprises of many sizes to fit wider openings, right up to full room dividers. The final category are pet gates which basically have a higher elevation to standard safety gates. As house dogs have become so plentiful when baby arrives reclaiming some space can be a challenge, a tall pet gate can assist !