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Baby Grooming (17)

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Baby Grooming

While not many are born with a full head of hair and all have to go through the painful teething process, the baby grooming department has its relevance all the same. Hair, Nails, Nose and Teeth are the main areas of relevance and their order of merit changes constantly as they develop. A soft hair brush is ideal for sorting those early curls, while a comb or cradle cap brush can help where any cradle cap issues arise. A baby’s nails will never cease to amaze me, it feels like no sooner have you them trimmed but they still manage to scratch themselves. The Nipper Clipper has to be the best tool for nail trimming, the little port hole on top gives you full view of finger and nail. Nasal congestion and stubborn baby snots are always a tricky one. The traditional nasal squeezy decongestor is always an option however for the more petit noses sometimes this can be a little big. The human powered suction decongester can sometimes be more effective. Lastly babies teeth and gums can be softly and carefully cared for right from teething starting. During the painful and distressing teething period a range of teeth and gum accessories can help break teeth through gums and help ease the sensitivities attached.